Letter from the Pastor May 26

Dear Friends

This will be the last full-size bulletin of the summer. In the spirit of summer reductions, we will publish a one page bulletin until mid august when our programming begins to pick up again.

As we have done for the last several years, we will close the Center for two weeks during July. This is a cost-savings measure that gives the building and all our equipment a rest, shuts down the use of utilities and gives us a little financial break as the staff is technically “furloughed” during the 2 weeks.  In previous years, we have observed the closure late in July.  This year, when we close the office at the end of business on the 3rd of July, it will remained closed through Friday July 19 (with the holiday it is a little longer than 2 weeks). What does the closure mean – the building will be locked, there will be no weekday liturgies or Masses, the staff will not be available (although we will check messages and be available through email, should you need to contact us.) Most of the staff will actually be on vacation during this time. PLEASE UNDERSTAND: THE WEEKEND SACRAMENTAL SCHEDULE WILL NOT BE AFFECTED BY THIS CLOSURE. WEEKEND MASSES AND CONFESSIONS WILL HAPPEN AT THE REGULAR TIMES ACCORDING TO THE SUMMER SCHEDULE.

I am looking forward to the meetings I have scheduled during the 1st and 2nd week of June (see the facing page).  As I have stated, the substance of the meeting is aimed at you and I preparing together for the pastoral transition that is coming a year from now. Obviously, when I leave, I would like the transition to be as smooth as possible and I certainly have some ideas of what needs to be done for that to happen. But the more voices involved in evaluating and planning, the more likely that smooth transition can actually occur. I hosted a number of listening  days early in my time at Newman and very few people showed up. I hope that will not be repeated this time.  I really want to hear from you so that we can work together in the next year. As you can read on the next page, the focus of these first meetings will be the Mission of the Newman  Center.  While transitions necessarily involve “mechanics” (finances, staffing, particular programming, etc.), in the context of every organization (and especially in the context of the Church) such considerations must be subordinated to the question of Mission.  All structures of our Parish must serve our mission.  We will be looking in detail at the question of Mission and I look forward to your sharing with me your hopes and concerns regarding the Mission of the Center at the meetings beginning next Sunday.  If you have any concerns regarding the these meetings or questions, please feel free to contact me during this week.

A number of our families have had children graduate from high school in the last couple of weeks and I am proud of them: Those that I am aware of are Nicholas Bowman, Caleb Robinson and Matt Sisson.  Also congratulations to Sami and Marianne Madden who were part of the largest graduating class ever at Pima CC. Congratulations to all these kids of Newman Families!

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