Letter from the Pastor May 19

Dear Friends,

This weekend we are bidding farewell to Fr. Jacek Buda, OP, who has been a member of our Pastoral Team since 2011. I am grateful to Fr. Jacek for his work in the parish and for his Pastoral presence.  He is truly one of the more brilliant men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and he has been generous in sharing that brilliance with our community. He is a gifted preacher from whom I have learned a great deal and who’s homilies consistently inspire me (both as a fellow preacher and as a listener).  We wish him well as he heads to Eugene to continue his ministry with our Province.

I have already informed you that Fr. James Thompson will be our new Associate Pastor.  Fr. James will arrive in Tucson during the first week of July (I have often thought that for the sake of sanity, transitions TO Tucson should take place in the spring or fall when Tucson is at its climatic best; but instead we welcome people to 110 degree temperatures!).  I am also pleased to report that we will host a Dominican Student Brother, Br. Kevin Andrew, who will spend his ministry residency year ministering in our community. Br. Kevin will arrive just prior to the beginning of the school year in August.  We are blessed.

PARISHIONER MEETINGS: The details of the first series of Parishioner Meetings are on the facing page.  I want to reiterate for clarity’s sake: All of those who are registered parishioners of the Newman Center are invited and encouraged to attend ONE of the four parish meetings during the first two weeks of June.  This is ONE MEETING that will be repeated four times. You are being asked to attend one 1.5 hour meeting.

The Weekend of  May 25-26 a packet of information regarding the Parish’s Life and Mission will be made available for review before the meetings.  That information will also be available electronically if you request it by email at frbart@gmail.com.

Those who attend the meeting will be given a login and password to participate in an online survey that will gather information to prepare for future meetings.  This survey will also be a place to address concerns of a more mechanical nature as we prepare for our pastoral transition next year.

I hope for close to 100% participation in these parish meetings. It is important that we are able to hear from all parish “stakeholders” as we plan for the future.

Fr Bart signature