Pastor’s Corner – April 19, 2015

LITURGY CORNER 23 with Fr. James The Mandylion Last week’s Bulletin contained a short notice about the striking icon of Veronica’s Veil that is centered on the back wall of the sanctuary. We revealed that the artist is our parishioner, Pam Hoffmeister. This image is traditionally known as the Mandylion, from the Greek word Μανδυλιον,Continue reading “Pastor’s Corner – April 19, 2015”

Pastor’s Corner – April 12, 2015

LITURGY CORNER 22 with Fr. James The Number 8 as Easter Symbol The Church speaks the language of religious symbolism in her liturgies, Scriptures, arts and architecture. In a way, symbols are like jokes: if you have to explain them, then they didn’t work. But even jokes need to explained to children or non-native speakersContinue reading “Pastor’s Corner – April 12, 2015”

Pastor’s Corner – March 15, 2015

Liturgy Corner 21 with Fr. James Mandatum Novum: “A New Commandment” If you are a regular at the 11:15 am Mass on Sunday, you may have wondered about the Taize chant, in Latin, that the choir has been singing at the dismissal of the Candidates. During Lent the choir decided to accompany them on theirContinue reading “Pastor’s Corner – March 15, 2015”

Pastor’s Corner – March 1, 2015

LITURGY CORNER 20 with Fr. James Distraction at Mass, Part 3: Distractions of Spontaneity In one way of looking at it, “liturgy planning” sounds like an oxymoron. Since the structure of the Mass is always the same, and the readings and prayers of the seasons are prescribed, what’s to plan? But, of course, for theContinue reading “Pastor’s Corner – March 1, 2015”

Pastor’s Corner – February 22, 2015

LITURGY CORNER 19 with Fr. James Distraction at Mass, Part 2: Explanation & Self-Reference Consider the words Irénée-Henri Dalmais, O.P. wrote in his 1967 The Liturgy as Celebration of the Mystery of Salvation: Liturgy belongs in the order of doing…not knowing. Logical thought cannot get far with it; liturgical actions yield their intelligibility in theirContinue reading “Pastor’s Corner – February 22, 2015”