Student Apartments Available

Need a place to live? We have just renovated the student apartments! They are conveniently located on campus at the corner of Warren and 2nd Street across from the softball stadium. The apartments got a major face-lift over the summer with new flooring, paint, plumbing, A/C & heating. Monthly rent includes a parking space, utilities,Continue reading “Student Apartments Available”

Dear Parishioners of the Newman Center,

Dear Parishioners of the Newman Center, A very blessed & merry Christmastide to all of you! Despite all the maudlin emotional manipulation that surrounds this season, there is some hidden power in this feast that confounds explanation. As G. K. Chesterton put it, “The great majority of people will go on observing forms that cannotContinue reading “Dear Parishioners of the Newman Center,”

Freshmen Catholic Wildcats

We meet hundreds of Catholic Freshman each year during Freshman Orientations. Our welcoming of those students begin during the Summer when we, as a community,  begin to pray for these new students and make contact with them to inform them of our services on Campus for Catholic Students. At the beginning of the Fall Semester,Continue reading “Freshmen Catholic Wildcats”