Letter From the Pastor February 9

Dear Friends,

We are almost a month into the Spring Semester and the ministry programs of the Center are up and running. I invite your prayer for all those who are preparing for Sacramental initiation this spring: the children preparing for 1st Reconciliation and 1st Communion, those in RCIA preparing for baptism or to enter the Church at the Easter Vigil, and those who have just begun the journey towards Confirmation. Offering the various kinds and “levels” of Christian Initiation is an important ministerial function of the Newman Center. Our university setting gives us a unique opportunity to encounter the current generation, which is often described as a generation of “religious seekers.” The experience that these young men and women have in our community is a vital component of their choosing to begin or complete their sacramental initiation in the Church. Many have grown up either unchurched, or marginally churched and they are seeking a community in which to satisfy deep longings of their soul. We can help them in that experience, but only if we remain open to them, their questions, their insecurities, their seeking. As long as we do not try to offer them the easy answer and as long as they can experience the authenticity of the Gospel as it is lived out in our lives. So our prayers for them, our embracing them, our inclusion of them goes a long way towards our fulfilling our mission and helping them to find a place in the Church.

Fr Bart signature