Letter From the Pastor November 17

Dear Friends,

I would like to thank everyone who worked to make last weekend’s 50th Anniversary Celebration a huge success.  All three events were beautifully prepared and all the many different facets of our community celebrated “50 Years of Preaching the Gospel at the Corner of 2nd and Cherry.” As I said last weekend, we will be celebrating from now until March.  In March, I hope to have another special celebration at which we will bless our new sign and the new outdoor Marian devotional space created to commemorate this anniversary.

Among the many people who helped make last weekend a joyous celebration, I would especially like to thank the parish staff who all put in extra hours and wonderful creativity, Jennifer Serling and Karen (and Jude) Schaffner coordinated the Sunday lunch.  Cliff and Kathleen Bowman helped coordinate the Friday reception, members of the Social Justice Team and Campus Ministry Core Team helped prepare and serve the Friday reception, Genevieve Gallardo helped Fr. James prepare the historical displays and archival material for the weekend.  Matt Williams prepared the artistic rendering of the new Prayer Garden, the music ministers of the 9:30, 11:15, and 7:00 PM liturgies worked together to create a beautiful liturgy on Sunday at 11:15. And more than 50 of you prepared delicious homemade desserts for the lunch (yum!).

In addition to these, dozens of our students worked hard all afternoon Friday, all day Saturday, and all day Sunday to make the weekend successful.  It was a wonderful celebration for the whole community.  Thank you all!

Fr Bart signature