Letter from the Pastor – January 27

Dear Friends,

We are in that short period of time between Christmas and Lent called “winter Ordinary Time.” Our readings at both daily and Sunday Masses come from the early part of the Gospel. These texts offer the Evangelists’ introduction to Jesus as the Messiah and the actions from Jesus’ early ministry that “prove” that He is the fulfillment of the prophesies. He behaves the way the Messiah is prophesied in the Hebrew Scriptures. The one who we celebrated as born in Bethlehem just a few short weeks ago is now matured and we see in Him what we expect of the Messiah: healing, exorcisms, preaching and teaching, compassion and mercy. This time of year invites us to reflect on our own belief in the Messiahship of Jesus of Nazareth, to be reintroduced to His mission and ministry, to become reacquainted with who He was in the 1st Century and who He is to us today. In this Year of Faith, we re invited by the Church to renew our belief, to remind ourselves what the Church has taught traditionally about Jesus’ identity, and to renew out own faith in his ability to save us.Over the next couple of weeks, we will be introducing this year’s Annual Catholic Appeal from the Diocese of Tucson. I invite you to begin praying how you will support that collection. Next weekend the Novices of the Western Dominican Province will be visiting our community. We look forward to welcoming them and I ask your prayers for their safe travel as they tour the Province.