Letter From the Pastor – December 2

December ? Already? Advent? Already? How many days ’til Christmas?

The cycle of time has brought us around to the beginning of another liturgical year. This Sunday we enter the Year of St. Luke, meaning that Sunday Gospel readings throughout the year will mostly be taken from the third Gospel. Some of our most beloved Gospel stories: the Annunciation to Mary, the Visitation, The Presentation in the Temple, the Prodigal Son, the Good Samaritan, Lazarus and the Rich Man, Zaccheus are unique to Luke’s telling of the Messiah’s story. Luke, who would also tell the story of the 1st Century spread of the Gospel beyond the borders of Israel, tells the story of a universal savior (as opposed to Matthew/Mark’s story of the one who came to save the lost house of Israel). As this is also the Year of Faith, may I suggest that you get your hands on a St. Luke commentary (or look one up on-line) and prepare for each Sunday’s Mass by a more in depth reading of the Gospel?

The student community is walking around with that “THE END IS NEAR!” daze on their faces. Let’s pray for them as they finish their papers, prepare for exams, and wrap up the semester.

I would like to encourage the Permanent Community to take part in this year’s Gaudeamus Celebration. I know that it is a busy time of year and that there are lots of parties. But this is one of the few times that we provide for the student community and the permanent community to come together for fellowship. I’m cooking this year, so I promise a good meal. We have a talented parish, so I promise good entertainment. Hope to see you there.

Happy Advent!