Letter from the Pastor – October 21

Life and Death. Church life is a constant mix of both. This
weekend is a crazy time memorializing and celebrating
both. There have been two weddings, a funeral, a memorial
service, and a baptism at our little parish this weekend. Each
is a reminder of the cycle of life and death and the presence
of God in all of it.

I would like to congratulate Alex Gutierrez and Patricia Henry
who married each other at the 5:15 PM Mass on Friday and
Sarah Wendell and Brett Wolf who were married on

Our prayers are with the families of Darlene Farney and
Anthony Andrighetto whose lives were remembered in prayer
here this weekend.

Congratulations to Coral Patricia Ramirez, the daughter of
Lucy Martinez-Guerrero and Corey Poindexter-Ramirez who
will be baptized on Sunday Morning at the 9:30 Mass.

God continues to bless us and to make himself known to us
in all of these Parish celebrations.

This weekend is also Family Weekend at the university. We
would like to welcome parents and other family members of
our students who are here for this weekend’s festivities. It is
always wonderful to welcome the parents of our student
community. We hope that you will always find a welcoming
home in our community when you are in Tucson.