This Week at Newman for February 12

Hello, this week I will keep it simple. If you’re a student, come to Emmaus on Wednesday night at 7 PM! Bring a few friends! See below for more details!

Events This Week:

The Images of Jesus in the Gospel

Thursday, February 16 at 7 PM

The next three weeks, Fr. Bart will discuss 2 different images of Jesus each week that emerge in the Gospel, such as Jesus the healer or Jesus as the New Moses. He will only focus on the Gospels themselves, so he won’t look at other scriptural texts or later theological development. Each discussion will stand on it’s own, so you will be able to attend any or all of them.

Kino Border Initiative Trip

Saturday, February 18 at 5 AM

Kino Border Initiative is a Jesuit run organization just south of the Mexico-US border in Nogales, Arizona/Sonora that serves recently deported migrants with two meals a day for 15 days. On certain days they also provide basic first aid and clothing to those in need. Kino Border Initiative also maintains a women’s shelter that acts as a safe haven for the few women and young children that cross the border and find themselves deported. If you are interested, email Caroline Kelly at

Free Student Dinner!

Sunday, February 19 at 6 PM

I know what you’re thinking, we just had one, so can it be too good to be true that there’s another this next Sunday?!? The Newman Center Sustaining Board, an organization that supports the Newman Center through fundraising, will provide this Sunday’s dinner. I encourage you not to miss this opportunity for a free delicious dinner!

Weekly Events:

Serve at Casa Maria Catholic Worker House

Mondays and Thursdays at 8:15 AM

Casa Maria is a Catholic Worker House that serves the poor and homeless in South Tucson. Only a few miles away, this community of workers provides members of the Newman Center with the opportunity to serve and grow in understanding of the mission of the Catholic Workers. If interested, meet us at the Newman Center at 8:15 AM on Mondays and Thursdays. If you have any questions, contact Matt Campbell at

Thinking with the Popes: “Introduction to Christianity”

Mondays at 7 PM

Join other Graduate students as they study “Introduction to Christianity” by Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI in a group led by Fr. Jacek Buda, O.P. Come if you are interested in learning more about the Catholic faith!

Women’s Faith Sharing Night

Tuesdays at 7 PM

Join Sr. Elizabeth and other women for a scripture-based time of support, discussion, and reflection of topics focused on women’s issues in the Wildcat Lounge. This semester, they will be reading Catholic Spirituality and Prayer in the Secular City by Fr. Bob Burns, O.P., a priest in residence at the Newman Center and a professor in Religious Studies at the U of A. All female student and permanent community members are welcome to come and grow together in our understanding of our Christian faith and our part in it.

Coffee with St. Mark

Wednesdays at 8 AM

Join Fr. Bart in a weekly Bible study focused on the Gospel of St. Mark! It is open to everyone, both permanent community and students. Coffee will be provided.


Wednesdays at 7 PM

Emmaus is our “mid-week retreat that lasts all semester,” and it’s named after the town in Luke 24 that two disciples were traveling towards when they encountered a stranger. As they were walking with him, he revealed scripture to them, and in the breaking of the bread, they recognized him as the risen Jesus. Emmaus begins with praise and worship, and then we have either a student or guest speaker. This week, permanent community member Kathleen Bowman will be speaking on the topic of Sacraments as we continue our journey of conversion. We usually have time for reflection and then more worship that transitions us into the Candlelight Mass at 8 PM. The Candlelight Mass is unique since it features a discussion homily, where everyone has a chance to share on the Gospel. Come and worship with us!

Thinking with the Popes: “Redeemer of Man”

Thursdays at 4 PM

Join other Undergraduate students as they study “Redeemer of Man (Redemptor Hominis)” by Pope John Paul II in a group led by Fr. Jacek Buda, O.P. Come if you are interested in learning more about the Catholic faith!

Upcoming Events:

Ash Wednesday

February 22

For Ash Wednesday, ashes will be distributed at all Masses and prayer services. The schedule for the day is: 7:30 AM – Morning Prayer, 12:15 PM – Mass at the Newman Center, 12:15 PM – Mass on the UofA Mall, 5:15 PM – Evening Prayer, 7:00 PM – Mass at the Newman Center, 8:00 PM – Mass on the UofA Mall. Emmaus will also take place on the mall that evening at 7 PM.

Apply for the Newman Center Sustaining Board Scholarship

Until March 1

Students, the Newman Center Sustaining Board provides two scholarships of $2500 every semester, so be sure to apply. For more details, go to

Spring Retreat

Friday, March 2 – Sunday, March 4

This year’s Spring Retreat is titled “Male and Female Created He Them” and it will take place at Southern Pines Camp. The retreat will focus on how we view our sexuality as Catholics, and how through it God calls us to a greater holiness. We will begin sign-ups for the retreat soon!

Alternative Spring Break

Friday, March 10 – Tuesday, March 13

We are offering two different programs for Alternative Spring Break this year. The first is with Casa Maria, where you will spend four days in South Tucson getting to know the Casa Maria community and learning about social issues the poor in Tucson face every day. Food and lodging will be provided! The second is with the organization Borderlinks. This trip will include education on food justice and sustainable agriculture as well as education and direct action in response to the issues immigrants face on the border. We will be fundraising for this trip and lodging and food will be provided as well. If you have any questions, please contact Caroline Kelly, or Sr. Angelica,

Spring Formal

Friday, April 13

Mark your calendars for the best social event of the year, the Spring Formal. More info is TBA, so stay tuned!

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“And I tell you, ask and you will receive; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives; and the one who seeks, finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” – Luke 11:9-10

Your brother in Christ,
David Mares
Campus Ministry Intern